What is the Best Treatment for Acne?

Treatment for acne breakouts & pimples.

Unfortunately, there's no such thing as outgrowing acne. Pimples can strike anyone of any age and at any time. However, there are organic, affordable and effective methods of eliminating breakouts. You might want to experiment with at least a few of them to see which work best for you. In any event, it's a relief knowing that clear skin might be a simple remedy away.

Apply Honey and Lemon

Perhaps you'll start with a couple items you may already have in stock: honey and lemon juice. Place spoonfuls of honey over your pimples, and that sticky treat will fight the bacteria in those spots, which can help get rid of acne.

Then, by swabbing lemon juice onto your face and washing it off, you'll disinfect and exfoliate your skin while reducing pimples at the same time.

The Wrath of Grapes

Grapes can be potent pimple-busters as well. Try snacking on them frequently. In addition, you might occasionally grab a few of them, tear them apart and smear their juicy pulp into your neck and face before rinsing it off. You might feel a little silly doing so at first, but this can be a refreshing and soothing activity.

Whether you eat them or rub them in, grapes are good at eliminating acne because they're antioxidants, which are substances that prevent the formation of skin-harming particles called free radicals. Plus, antioxidants can block outside toxins that would otherwise seep into the skin and possibly lead to pimples.

Watch Those Carbs

There's some scientific evidence to suggest that processed, or refined, carbohydrates can trigger the body to release more oil and more hormones that swell hair follicles, and both of those conditions can induce acne. Therefore, by cutting back on white rice, white bread and other foods that contain processed carbs, you may be able to cut back on your acne as well.

Protect Your Face

Throughout the course of a day, all kinds of irritants can come into contact with your skin and eventually result in pimples. With that in mind, try to avoid having your hats or other clothes rub up against your face. Likewise, as much as you can, keep your hands, strands of hair, drops of sweat, smartphone and other objects off of your face. Not to mention, stay away from sunblocks and cosmetic products that are oily.  Also avoid the temptation to wash vigorously or use strong soaps.  Acne is, in no way, about dirt or poor hygiene.  It is more about irritation and inflammation - both can come from rough treatment while washing.

Go Herbal

Many herbs are capable of diminishing inflammation and acne. For example, witch hazel, which you can swab directly onto your face and neck, should take some of the oil out of your skin. On top of that, a tea tree cream can kill harmful microorganisms while decreasing your pimples and sores.

Remember that none of the techniques mentioned above is a substitute for proper medical care. Particularly if your acne is burning, painful or prolonged, you should seek professional help as soon as you can. However, for the occasional mild breakout of blackheads, you'll probably find one or more of these procedures to be both powerful and convenient.

As a final word to the wise, if you ever look into the mirror and find yourself staring at pimples, heed the advice you probably heard from parents and others. Don't even think about squeezing them.

Contact CDCRI for Acne Clinical Research Trials

For more information about treating acne, please contact California Dermatology and Clinical Research Institute. Our medical experts conduct studies and clinical trials with acne sufferers, and in the process, they offer free treatment.