What are the Benefits of Lip Augmentation?

benefits of lip augmentation injections.

Are you unhappy with the way your lips look? If so, there is a cosmetic treatment that can give you the lips of your dreams. Lip augmentation gives you full, plump, and kissable lips that will instantly draw envy from onlookers left and right. However, before deciding to get lip augmentation, you might be curious about some of the benefits of the treatment.

1. Lip Augmentation is a Non-Surgical Procedure

Lip augmentation allows you to achieve drastic results without having to go under the knife. It is an incredibly simple procedure with minimal discomfort and no anesthesia.

2. Get Plump Lips Instantly

Some procedures can take a while before you actually see results, but that is not the case with lip augmentation. First of all, the procedure is incredibly fast, lasting somewhere between thirty minutes and an hour. Once the procedure is complete, you can instantly see plump lips without any downtime or wait.

3. Only Slight Swelling After Lip Augmentation

Some cosmetic procedures and treatments can leave your face looking puffed up with all of the swelling. With lip augmentation, there is very little swelling or noticeable after-effects.

4. Long-Lasting Effects

How long the effects of lip augmentation last depends on the individual, but in general the procedure provides long-lasting results. Lip augmentation should leave your lips plump for anywhere from six months to a year and a half.

5. Lip Augmentation is Very Common

Lip augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the United States. Since it is so common, the methodology has been nailed down and there is little chance for any kind of mistake or unheard of side effects.

6. Get a Natural Look

Nobody wants to get a procedure that makes you look fake and gives you that plastic sheen. Lip augmentation will get your lips looking naturally plump and beautiful. This subtle difference will enhance your natural beauty instead of overpowering it.

Free Lip Augmentation in San Diego at CDCRI

If you are interested in getting plumper lips with lip augmentation, California Dermatology and Clinical Research Institute in San Diego can help. We are currently running a lip augmentation study that will provide all participants with free lip augmentation. If you are interested in learning more or wish to join the lip augmentation study, contact us today by calling (760) 203-3839.