7 Famous People With Vitiligo

Famous people with vitiligo

For some, vitiligo can be a devastating blow to their self-confidence. Vitiligo drastically changes the pigment of your skin, resulting in discolored patches of skin. The world we live in is increasingly superficial, and it can be difficult for those with vitiligo to come to terms with their new appearance. However, they can take heart in these celebrities who have been diagnosed with vitiligo. While some may have attempted to hide the effects of the disease, others have worn it proudly, embracing the beauty found in being different. Below find a list of 7 famous people with vitiligo.

1. Jon Hamm

Yes, Don Draper has vitiligo, although it is a rare form of the condition. For the Mad Men actor, his vitiligo is triggered by stress, appearing only on his hands. Jon Hamm continues to work in movies and TV, appearing in both humorous and dramatic roles.

2. Steve Martin

Steve Martin is a comedy legend, starring in a number of comedies and dominating stand-up comedy for decades. He has battled vitiligo for a long time. In his older age, Martin has focused on expanding his interests to writing and performing music.

3. Joe Rogan

Once known primarily as a stand-up comedian and the host of Fear Factor, Rogan may be best known now for being the host of his incredibly popular podcast. His vitiligo mostly affects his hands and wrists.

4. Rasheed Wallace

The basketball star is now retired, but in his prime, he was one of the best all-around players in the league with an enticing personality. Wallace, an NBA champion, now works in sports media.

5. Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow first made her name on America’s Next Top Model, wowing the judges and America at large with her unique and beautiful look. She used her vitiligo to her advantage, giving her a memorable appearance that is both mesmerizing and alluring. She is an inspiration to anyone with vitiligo, revealing that with confidence the ailment can make you even more beautiful.

6. Thomas Lennon

The comedic actor is perhaps best known for his role on the spoof cop comedy Reno 911. Lennon has vitiligo on his hands, hips, and face.

7. Michael Jackson

Perhaps the most famed vitiligo patient, the king of pop himself Michael Jackson suffered from vitiligo. However, Jackson went to great lengths to hide the disorder, first wearing a glove and eventually bleaching his skin. While this is an advisable treatment for more serious forms of vitiligo, it would have been inspiring if Jackson had chosen to wear his skin condition with pride instead of opting to hide it.

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