What is the Best Treatment for Psoriasis?

San Diego Psoriasis Treatment Clinical Research.

If you’re suffering from the pain and discomfort of psoriasis, chances are, you’ve searched everywhere to try to find a cure. Many websites out there claim to offer permanent remedies for psoriasis through alternative methods, but there is no medical proof to back up these claims. The fact is, psoriasis cannot be cured; it can only be treated.

Why isn’t my current Psoriasis treatment working?

Psoriasis is notoriously difficult to treat, and finding the right treatment may take some experimentation. Different patients experience psoriasis in different ways, and therefore have completely different responses to the same treatments. Even worse, when you do find a treatment that works, such as a topical corticosteroid, your body may build up a resistance to it over time, rendering it ineffective. If you’re struggling to find relief from the pain and itching of psoriasis, you might be a good candidate to participate in a clinical trial.

What are clinical research trials for Psoriasis?

A clinical trial is a research study that examines whether a new medication is safe and effective. Through in-depth testing and analysis, clinical trials help healthcare providers and scientists determine the best course of action to treat difficult diseases, such as psoriasis. These studies are extremely important to advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care. This kind of research is exactly what we do at the California Dermatology and Clinical Research Institute.

How are new psoriasis medications in San Diego dermatology research trials approved?

Before a new psoriasis medication goes to a clinical trial, it has already been through significant development and testing in a laboratory environment. After the FDA evaluates the laboratory information and authorizes a clinical trial, there are three phases it must pass through before it is approved for broad consumption.

Phase I Dermatology Clinical Research Trials

Small groups of healthy people test the medication for safety.

Phase II Dermatology Clinical Research Trials

Side effects are evaluated in a group of individuals with the condition to be treated; different doses are assessed for best results

Phase IIII Dermatology Clinical Research Trials

A large number of participants confirm how well the treatments work, further evaluate side effects, and compare and contrast the new medication to existing medications on the market.

Advantages of participating in a Dermatology clinical trial

There are many benefits to being a participant in a clinical trial, including:

Early access to Psoriasis treatment in San Diego

Being a research subject allows you to try the latest breakthroughs in medical treatment for psoriasis before they’re available to the general public.

Careful oversight of dermatology clinical research trials

Because the goal of a clinical trial is to advance medical research, strict standards are maintained during every study. This means clinical trials are very carefully monitored, and as a participant, you’ll usually receive far more oversight of your treatment and progress than you would with a regular care provider.

Financial savings for psoriasis treatment

People who volunteer for clinical trials often receive free treatments that their insurance would not otherwise pay for. Furthermore, some trials may offer additional monetary compensation.


Clinical trials allow you to play a more active role in your healthcare, by staying informed and proactive and learning all about the newest discoveries in psoriasis treatment. You’ll also enjoy knowing that you’re contributing to the advancement of medical research that will benefit generations to come.

The California Dermatology & Clinical Research difference

At the California Dermatology and Clinical Research Institute, we have more than twenty years of experience in a broad range of clinical trials, specifically for dermatologic conditions, such as psoriasis. By working closely with drug manufacturers, our Principal Investigator has developed a deep understanding of the trial and approval process and prioritizes compliance with the various regulations and requirements to ensure safety and success. In addition, we work hard to find the right participant for each trial and evaluate candidates thoroughly to determine if they’re a good fit.

If you’re looking for better treatment for your psoriasis, contact the California Dermatology and Clinical Research Institute at (760) 203-3839 to see if you qualify for one of our clinical trials.