Atopic Dermatitis & Eczema Study Opportunities

California Dermatology and Clinical Research Center in San Diego offers insurance free treatment of eczema (also know as atopic dermatitis). If you are suffering from atopic dermatitis or eczema and want state of the art treatment, sign up for a CDCRI study today.

Clinical Research Study Atopic Dermatitis / Eczema

This study is for people who have had moderate to severe atopic dermatitis, or eczema, for at least one year, have had little response (or no longer respond) to topical treatments, and have at least 10% of their body surface area involved with eczema. The study medication is administered as an injection every two weeks for one year.  There is a placebo in the study – a 25% chance for the first 16 weeks - and then all subjects are placed on the actual study medication for the remaining 36 weeks. The study is a phase III study, meaning it is the final research work that will be done before the product is submitted to the FDA for approval.  This represents an excellent opportunity for patients with eczema to receive, what could be, a very effective treatment for their disease. Compensation will be provided for time and travel expenses.

WHat Are the symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis?

Eczema Clinical Research Study San Diego.

Atopic dermatitis is characterized by itching, itching and more itching.  The rash that develops can be just dryness or can evolve into red, thickened and even weepy areas of skin, most commonly occurring behind the knees, inside the elbows, the sides of the neck , and on the wrists. It can easily affect other areas as well.  It usually (but not always) begins in childhood and luckily many children outgrow it.  Unfortunately, eczema sticks around in about 3% of American adults. Learn about the difference about eczema and atopic dermatitis in this blog post from CDCRI: Atopic Dermatitis Vs Eczema: What’s the Difference?

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