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 Frown Line Treatment at CDCRI San Diego.

Being upset will literally take a toll on you. If you constantly find yourself angry or sad, your corresponding facial contortions can leave a long lasting reminder of your emotions. Nobody likes frown lines, and that is why California Dermatology and Clinical Research Institute in San Diego offers clinical research studies to eradicate frown lines from your face.

What are Frown Lines?

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Frowning and squinting can over time lead to deep wrinkles appearing between the eyes, the result of the tissues between the eyebrows developing into a fold. These wrinkles in the skin appear on the bridge of the nose, directly between the eyebrows. There are sometimes referred to as “the elevens” as they folds look like two number 1s.  . While these wrinkles do not pose any danger to your physical health, they can detract from your natural beauty and can lead to lower self-esteem and self-confidence.  

How Can I Prevent Frown Lines?

The trick to preventing frown lines is being a bit introspective.  If you can be aware of your facial expression, you can often relax your face and lessen or eliminate frown lines.  Here are a few tips to prevent unsightly frown lines from forming or getting worse.

Wear Sunglasses

Whenever you go outside wear sunglasses. Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory, they are a crucial component to protecting your eyes and face from the harmful UV radiation coming from the sun. For frown lines, they reduce the likelihood that you will squint.  To see the value of sunglasses - look in the mirror and squint - imagine the folds and wrinkles you see becoming permanent.  That is what sunglasses can prevent.

Get a Full Night Sleep

We keep telling you this and it is really true,  getting enough rest is really important to your appearance.  If you are not well rested, this will give you more stress and anxiety, which can show on your face as frowning or lines.  

Do Not Smoke Cigarettes

Along with the myriad of dangers to your health cigarettes and tobacco pose, smoking can also give your face more wrinkles. Smoking can break down the collagen that is being produced in your face. Collagen is what gives skin elasticity, and this lack of elasticity can lead to wrinkles and frown lines.

Treatment with botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) is, without a doubt, the premier method to deal with frown lines.  Not only does the treatment make the lines much better or disappear completely, studies show that the lack of frown lines feeds back to your brain and makes you feel better.  If this sounds good to you, call us to find out more about the study.

Free Frown Line Treatment Studies in San Diego

California Dermatology and Clinical Research Institute in San Diego offers frown line clinical research studies. If you want free cutting edge treatment to eradicate the appearance of frown lines and forehead wrinkles, give us a call at (760) 203-3839 to sign up for a research trial today.