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We offer cutting edge treatment at no cost and our research studies do not require health insurance.

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Free Dermatology Treatment In San Diego

California Dermatology & Clinical Research Institute (CDCRI) is a premier clinical research center in San Diego that is dedicated  to the advancement of dermatologic therapy. CDCRI has access to the most cutting edge therapy in dermatology, using top of the line technology and innovative new techniques to treat various dermatological ailments, including but not limited to psoriasis, acne, eczema, warts, excessive sweating and many other conditions. We have decades of experience in executing clinical research in dermatology, so you can be sure you will be treated professionally and with respect. We offer this experience and professionalism in a friendly environment, so instead of feeling like you are in a stuffy research building you feel like you are meeting your family doctor, giving you the time and attention you deserve. We offer our cutting edge treatment at no cost to patient and our research studies do not require health insurance. If you want access to amazing treatment and great therapy for dermatology specific diseases and ailments, come to CDCRI.