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California Dermatology and Clinical Research Center in San Diego offers Dermatology Clinical Research studies for those suffering from skin issues. We have a friendly and helpful staff along with cutting edge equipment to provide the latest and greatest treatments for a variety of dermatological ailments. Below you can find a list of all current studies running at CDCRI in San Diego. If you are interested in joining a dermatology clinical research study, contact us today!


This study is for people who have had moderate to severe atopic dermatitis, or eczema, for at least one year, have had little response to topical treatments, and have at least 10% of their body surface area involved with eczema. The study medication is administered as an injection every two weeks for one year.  There is a placebo in the study – a 25% chance for the first 16 weeks - and then all subjects are placed on the real study medication for the remaining 36 weeks. Compensation will be provided for time and travel expenses.

Clinical Research Study for Itching due to Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema

If you are already using medication for your eczema but still have a lot of itching, this may be the study for you. This is an oral medication that is designed to reduce the itching sensation that is a major component of the disease. The study compares two strengths of the medication to a placebo and if you qualify, you would be randomly assigned to receive one form of the medication or placebo for the duration of the study. The study requires 7 visits to the office and lasts about 12 weeks. During the study, you may continue to use your usual topical medications for eczema. You will be compensated $50 for every visit that you complete.

Clinical Research Study for Alopecia Areata Treatment

This is a study for patients who have had alopecia areata for at least 6 months.  The study is comparing two strengths of a topical solution which slows down the specific part of the immune system that may be overactive in the scalp of patients with alopecia areata.  The study is about 4 months long and if selected, you would be randomly assigned the lower strength solution, the higher strength solution or a placebo solution to apply to the scalp twice a day.  There are 8 visits to the clinic over the course of 4 months.  In order to qualify, you must at least 1/3rd of your scalp affected by alopecia areata.  Compensation for time and travel is provided at $75 per visit.


This is a study for patients who have a few stubborn psoriasis plaques.  The treatment uses light treatments (that you do at home) and patches attached to the psoriasis areas.  No systemic medications are used.  There are 5 treatment visits over about 6 weeks then several follow up visits in the months afterward.  Compensation for your time and travel costs are provided at $50 per visit.


We have a new opportunity for patients with psoriasis.  This is a study of a biosimilar. A biosimilar is like a generic medication but applies to the more sophisticated group of medications known as biologics. The study compares the biosimilar medication to the original medication, Humira TM.  Enrolled patients will receive 4 months of treatment with Humira and then be randomly assigned to either Humira or the new biosimilar to see if there are any differences. The study is about a year long and requires regular visits to the clinic about twice a month. All medications, tests and examinations are provided without charge and patients are compensated $50 at each visit. You must have psoriasis lesions on at least 10% of your body to qualify. Click here to assess how much psoriasis you have.

Clinical Research Study for Love Handles

Yes, it’s true. We are conducting a study to reduce love handles, what we call excess fat of the flanks. This is a study of a cream that is applied twice a day for 16 weeks. In order to participate, you must have love handles that you do not like, a stable weight (i.e. You can’t be dieting or trying to lose weight.) and a body mass index (BMI) of less than 30. (Click here to check your BMI.) The study does have a placebo, but the chances of getting the real medication are 2 out of 3. There are blood tests at the beginning and end of the study as well as painless exams during the 7 visits to the clinic. Qualified participants will receive $50 per visit and be paid at the end of each visit.

COMING SOON: Clinical Research Study for Scalp Psoriasis

For those of you who are most bothered by psoriasis in your scalp, we have a study starting soon.  We are comparing an already FDA-approved product to a new generic version of the medication and to a placebo.  To qualify, you must have psoriasis of your scalp and be willing to use only the medication we provide for your scalp.  There are only three visits to the office and 6 out of every 7 patients who enroll will receive an active medication.  As usual, compensation will be provided for each visit.

Thanks to all our volunteers with warts who are helping us find a better way to eliminate warts. If you have warts and missed the opportunity to participate OR if you would like to know the results of the study, please sign up to receive our regular announcements about study results and upcoming research opportunities.

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