Current Chronic Plaque Psoriasis Study Opportunities

If you suffer from plaque psoriasis, you know that it is no joke. The constant itching and scratching, the disgusting dead skin left everywhere, the bloody sheets in the morning, with no end in sight. Psoriasis is a constant struggle, but luckily your struggles may soon be coming to an end. California Dermatology and Clinical Research Institute in San Diego offers clinical research studies that offer treatment for chronic plaque psoriasis. We offer treatment free of cost with no insurance required, giving you state of the art treatment at our comfortable San Diego facility.

Psoriasis Study is Closed

SYmptoms of chronic Plaque psoriasis

Treatment for Chronic Psoriasis in San Diego.

Plaque psoriasis is when you have constant red and inflamed areas of skin, typically occurring on the knees, elbows, scalp, and shins. The skin look red, scaly, thickened and sometimes cracked. About half of all people with psoriasis says it itches.  Psoriasis can also commonly affect the nails.  If your fingernails have yellow or whites, or if they are lifting up or cracking, then this is also a sign of psoriasis.  Lastly, if you have had psoriasis for some time, it can affect the joints, causing psoriatic arthritis.  This commonly causes stiffness and aching in the morning that “loosens up” as the day goes on

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Are you interested in amazing psoriasis treatment free of charge? California Dermatology and Clinical Research Institute in San Diego is looking for qualified participants to take part in our psoriasis clinical research study. If you are interested in joining a study or have any questions, contact us today. The CDCRI has dermatology experts on staff ready to answer your questions on skin issues as well as questions about our clinical trials and qualifications to join a study. Contact CDCRI today by giving us a call at (760) 203-3839 or filling out the form below.

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