Why participate in A dermatology Clinical research studY?

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California Dermatology and Clinical Research Institute in San Diego offers the best dermatology clinical research studies and skin issue treatment trials in California. We have amazing facilities, top of the line equipment, and a staff with years of training and experience that creates the optimal clinical research institute. That begs a broader question; why should you participate in clinical research studies at all? California Dermatology and Clinical Research Institute breaks down all of the perks and benefits for signing up for a clinical research study at our San Diego office.

get access to new research treatments

Before a new and exciting treatment for skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis can get released to the masses, it first goes through a clinical research trial. Therefore, when you come into CDCRI for a clinical research study, you are getting access to skin treatments that are not yet available to the public. All of our treatments are safe and FDA approved, the trials are merely a way to try to show the effects and results of the treatments. If you are always looking for a new edge in your battle with dermatological issues, a clinical research trial is the best way to get access to the latest and greatest treatments.

treatment & progress Are CLosely monitored

When you go to a standard dermatologist, the routine feels pretty familiar. You come into the office, get diagnosed with an ailment or skin malady, and then are written a prescription to treat the issue. You pick up the treatment, take it for a few weeks and then follow up with the dermatologist. Clinical Research is a whole different story. Your progress and treatment will be closely monitored at each and every stage of treatment, from administration to completion. If at any point you have a question or concern, it can be addressed quickly and immediately.

play an active role in Your own healthcare

Again, think about what takes place on a standard visit to the dermatologist. After the diagnosis, you may get some cursory information about what the ailment or malady is, but if you want to dive any deeper you may have to require an internet deep dive. California Dermatology and Clinical Research Institute, and other research facilities operate a little different. Since you are an active participant in the research study, we will provide you with more information about treatments and disease by being part of a clinical trial. We will answer any and all questions you may have, and answer some questions you probably didn't even you had!

You Don't Need insurance to enroll in a clinical trial

Participating in a dermatology clinical research trial at California Dermatology & Clinical Research Institute in San Diego does not require any insurance coverage or insurance policy. If you do not have insurance but still want outstanding, cutting edge treatment for dermatological skin issues such as acne or warts, you can participate in a research trial at California Dermatology & Clinical Research Institute. We will treat you with the latest and greatest dermatology medicine with no insurance required!

Get Compensated with Pre-Paid "ClinCards"

Not only do study participants receive access to cutting-edge healthcare, even without insurance; they get compensation for helping California Dermatology & Clinical Research Institute make advancements in dermatological medical treatments. Participants are paid in the form of a pre-paid ClinCard. ClinCards can be used for online purchases, directly in stores or even to withdraw money at an ATM. The money is available in full as soon as the deposit is made to the card and participants can even check their card balance online.

Help advance Dermatology treatments

Be part of a future solution when you participate in a dermatology clinical research study. When you sign up with California Dermatology & Clinical Research Institute in San Diego, you are helping bring a possible solution to major medical concerns, such as excessive sweating and other dermatological issues. Be a part of medical advancement in the way we treat skin issues and rashes by participating in cutting-edge dermatology clinical research studies at California Dermatology and Clinical Research Institute in Encinitas, California.